opigno 1.27 - (SCORM) Question Results not passed + other things

Hi As per our other discovery in https://www.opigno.org/en/forum/support/scorm-api-error-v-127</a" title="this thread">this thread we used the commit and player worked. However, doing more testing with SCORM packages that worked fine on 1.25 we found that, upon finalization of a course/question, the result was not passed to opigno. So when course was finished, it still rendered 0 /incomplete for test user and no certificate was made available. We used an identical SCORM/ZIP on the 1.27 as on 1.25. Additionally we found several style elements had changed (?) among other things causing posts done with post it template to all of a sudden render in capitals. A minor thing maybe but time would have to be devoted to fix. Rgds