OG error. After update, can't add users to class, either manually or with commerce

I updated to 7x-1.29 today and now none of the users are being added to classes, even after checkout is complete. Error message if admin manually tries to add a user to a class: OgException: There are no OG fields in entity user and bundle user referencing node - course. in og_group() (line 2024 of /home/vbfeducate/public_html/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/og/og.module). If a user tries to buy a class, there are no error messages in the log, but the user does not get access to the class. On a new install on a different domain, I can see the rule and action set "activate bought OG membership" but my install that was updated does not have that. I thought to export from the clean new install into the older one that I updated today, but it will not import. I must have something set wrong, but I can't imagine what. Ideas? Missy
James Aparicio

Hi mbscott,

Hi mbscott,

That is strange. From the error description seems like someone deleted the user membership field. or messed around with it.

Can you check if you go to Configuration -> People -> Account settings -> Manage Fields. Is the group membership field there?  If you click on the settings of the field is the course selected as a possible value?

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