Offline Payment upload via feeds

Hello, i am really interested in using Opigno for an Institution of higher learning based in Africa. Now these people are really those Old Civil servants who do everything in excel and i am thinking of uploading student registration status and payment status plus results via csv in feeds. How do you think is the best way of achieving this? I am not intending on writing any code at all. I need to know if i can implement offline payment which can be tied to a particular student and how i can implement that without writing a single code as this is one of the projects i intend to use in one of the Drupal trainings i will be organizing in East Africa soon. How i can Add student registration via csv in opigno instance though i know the usual Drupal method would work but i need to get assurance if at all it will work here and what user rights i am to use or if i need to create another permission. I think one for Results is already there. In need of help here please. Thanks Thanks and hope to hear from you soon