Not possible to insert external video using wysiwyg editor - Same problem in your demo

Hi again While trying to edit class/course/lesson/slides descriptions, in cases where I try to use the wysiwyg "insert external video" button I get to the box that ask me to provide the video url (example youtube video), set size options and autoplay". I then click the "Insert" button, but nothing happens, no video code get inserted into the editor window. I have set up and configured the External Video App as instructed, both in documents and in your online tutorial youtube videos. Still will not work AND, I see the same problem here in your own online demo. I have tried this both with Firefox and Chrome browser. Dupal error message sais: Notice: Undefined index: sample_url in _video_filter_instructions() (line 748 of /home/usernameXXXX/public_html/sites/all/modules/video_filter/video_filter.module). Any idea how to fix it? I have installed Opigno 1.21 on a Ubuntu 14.04 server running Webmin/Virtualmin. Webmin/Virtualmin does not accept +FollowSymLinks, so I had to replace that option with +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in .htaccess files in "private" folder and /sites/default/files folder. This worked well, but not sure if this make any trouble with inserting pictures and external videos into wysiwyg editor? Thanks onkli