Non-student icons for Home / Files / Videos

Hello, If a non-student looks at a course, say "Course XYZ". This user can see a Home and a Videos icon at the top right of the course (this is the first issue - the user should NOT see the icon for Videos until they have been accepted into the course). Secondly, if this user clicks the Videos icon, they now will see the Home, Files, and Video icons. Clicking the "Files" icon will give them a permissions error and redirect the user to log in. How can we correct this so that any user who is NOT enrolled in a course: 1) Cannot see the Files folder 2) Cannot see the Videos folder Until they are enrolled in the course. Thanks!
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James Aparicio

Hi sfister,

Hi sfister,

Go to Structure -> views -> video and click on edit.

Looking at the view you have a section called page settings, in the access setting make sure it is set to 

Access: Og permission : access video contentent, getting the group id from argument position 1


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