New live meeting

Hello! I have some questions about live meetings. 1) How can I add new live meeting? I read in the tutorial: The live meeting can be only be started by an authorized user, by clicking on the "Start the live meeting" button (cf below). " But I can not find this button 2)How can I use the whiteboard? Do I need to pay for a version or is it a function in the free version? 3) I was on page /admin/opigno/system/moxtra And I have my ID I also have enabled module: opigno_moxtra_app But I can not enable opigno_live_meetings cause I have Err 500 when I try to do it. And I have warning: Undefined index: in funtcion include line 7 of file ...opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno_moxtra_app/modules/opigno_collaborative_workspaces/templates/collaborative_workspace_teaser.tpl.php Here are lines from 1 to 11 <?php $literal_title = $node->title; $html_participant_list = ''; foreach ($node->field_users_invited[LANGUAGE_NONE] as $participant) { $list_user = user_load($participant['target_id']); $html_participant_list .= $list_user->name .''; } The 7th is foreach ($node->field_users_invited[LANGUAGE_NONE] as $participant) {

Moxtra Module

Hello, I am using collaborative workspace and live meetings with opigno_moxtra_app. And now, my free trial period is expired. But i thought it was a free version of these services with limited features, as the informations contained in the web site Now my Opigno Collaborative services are blocked and it cost 1380€/month to upgrade !!! Is it normal ? Thanks for your help.