New Installation Error: OpignoMessageThread not found

Hello, I just installed Opigno using Composer and am getting the following error: Error: Class 'Drupal\opigno_messaging\OpignoMessageThread' not found in /srv/bindings/c0f1500bfac74c948b2c02179059e73f/code/web/themes/contrib/platon/platon.theme on line 362 #0 /srv/bindings/c0f1500bfac74c948b2c02179059e73f/code/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Theme/ThemeManager.php(287): platon_preprocess_page(Array, 'page', Array) I can see the opigno_messaging folder under /modules/contrib and it definitely has all of the files there. Any ideas on how to work around this? I would disable the theme but I can't even get to the /user screen to login in and access the admin. Thanks!