Need help with linear based course

Hi, I am trying to port over an existing eClass that I have on another platform which is a linear style course. It is broken down into Chapters. You view the content on one page (HTML, images, etc.) then click next to go to the next page, until you reach the final page of that chapter. There may be a quiz at the end of the chapter, but not always. We track the progress of the student by tracking each page they view in each chapter. As they complete a chapter, we highlight that chapter number in an area at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the entire course, they receive a standard certificate if all chapters were completed (viewed). My challenge with Opigno is that I am trying to replicate this same type of behavior and using Lessons (my chapters) with Slides (pages of content), which seems to be the closest way to imitate the linear page-by-page style. The problem with that is that the Slides are considered to always be QUESTIONS regardless of Lesson type and the student is FAILING each of these slides because they aren't answering the questions (which don't exist since it is just a page of content.) I am using version 1.21.0. I was thinking that Slides were considered content if using Lesson type of THEORY, but they still act like questions (and are called questions in the interface.) This doesn't make sense to me at all. Can you help me understand how I can create pages of content that I can have the user step through using a "Previous" / "Next"navigation, which don't have this "Slide/Question" idea attached to them? I don't want to make the user scroll vertically for any content either. It is designed to all fit on one screen. I am hoping Opigno can meet our needs as we have many more courses to create next. Thanks for your help! Regards, Alan

Hi Alan,

Hi Alan,

I just tested the slides feature to see if there is any bugs and, on my side, there is none.
To do so, I've created a lesson as "theory", then I added two slides and I followed the lesson. The result is that I passed the lesson with 100% success.

Then I tried the same lesson but I changed the settings of the lesson to "mix". I had the same result, 100% success.

So can you explain the steps that you make in order to fail a theory lesson please ?

Thank you. Have a good day.


Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I switched the lesson type to Mixed and then back to Theory and somehow things are working correctly again. I am no longer able to duplicate this error, so I'm considering this fixed/working now! :) Thanks for the quick reply!