Need Attribute on Course or Class ( Configure Commerce )

Thankyou for creating Opigno. It is really great App. I am trying to customize opigno so that i could sell Course with different Attribute. For example: My Course title will be Business English Attribute must be able to select by the client before they add to cart are. Start date: (in select list) -- with the attributes -- : June 6 - August 1st, September 3rd - October 22nd, October 29th - December 19th. You can see this example similar to Selling Shirt with different Size Attribute or different Color Attribute in Cloths Store. To make it work for me. I did the same process for displaying Selectable Attribute that we do during setup ecommerce site i.e Taxonomy. and adding Product Reference field in Class in Manage Field Section. It display the course as i expected but my problem begin when i knew that buying the Course is not now displaying the course in My Course Section of the Student. And the products which used to create by default like product-og-5 are not creating when creating Course or Class.

Hi dilli.

Hi dilli. Quick question: how do you plan to manage these dates for user access ? Because, from what I understand, a user that selects *June 6th - August 1st* will only have access for that period of time. Opigno provides a way to set an *end* date for a course membership, but not (out of the box) a *start* date. As for having product attributes (or variations - whatever you're after), Opigno Commerce is not meant to support it out if the box either. This requires some custom logic, which can pretty easily be implemented using rules. I would use the Opigno Commerce Rules as a starting point, but create my own Rules. This is fairly straight-forward, but way too specific to integrate in Opigno Commerce.

Any suggestion

Thankyou for your Answer. I have the following sinerio , could you suggest if this is feasible with opigno app or any idea how similar process could be handle by this app. Sinerio: student pay application fee application fee is diff then course fee then administrator will process ask for any additional document   administrator can acept applicant as student or denied if accpeted then applicant will be student who will have access to register class (courses ) each course will hold fee   as they register course or admin register for them bill will be generated and student see the bill on their login and pay the bill

For as far as I can see, this

For as far as I can see, this would require some custom development. Not that much per se, but Opigno Commerce is not meant to handle this out of the box. We can help you with this and give you a quote, if you wish. Just contact us via the [contact form](/contact). Or, if you want your own team to do this, check out the [Drupal Commerce]( website. They have a lot of information and tutorials. We chose Drupal Commerce as the backend of Opigno Commerce because it offers a lot of flexibility. Anything you can dream of, you can achieve with Drupal Commerce.

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