My-achievements page error

Hi In the main user menu I have a link - My Achievements. If user clicks on see details link the page redirects to a default error page. I know why, just don't know hoe to fix it. The why! The site path is the page needs to direct to: however it is directing to: (if I manually type in the lms/ it works. I have checked the views for my-quiz-results this is the link info: Please help!!


Hi Did you configure base path in htaccess? You should also configure clean urls (

Still not working

Hi Axel Yes path in htaccess is configured and also clean urls

Could you paste the precise

Could you paste the precise error (that is in Report -> Recent log entries) or in Apache error file ?



There seem to be two at the same timestamp: 1) Referrer Message Notice: Constant OG_ACCESS_FIELD already defined in include_once() (line 17 of /homepages/6/d627302379/htdocs/lms/lms/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno/modules/opigno_og_access/opigno_og_access.module). Severity notice 2) Location Referrer Message Notice: Constant OG_ACCESS_REALM already defined in include_once() (line 12 of /homepages/6/d627302379/htdocs/lms/lms/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno/modules/opigno_og_access/opigno_og_access.module). Severity notice

These are notices, it cannot

These are notices, it cannot cause an error page.

You should have some error logs in your Apache error.log file.

Could you have a look and post the error?



I have a few more errors that have cropped up with course images not showing for students but can be seen by admin. As this site isn't live yet I will probably do a fresh install and not use a subdirectory. This leads to another question. Sorry!! This site is intended to be used by many colleges - some content the same, some different depending on their preferences. In the current installation i am using class for college and course for content block. However what would be really useful would be to award more than one badge for course ( which would be better if each block was a class). As i can't do sub courses, and I am only using class to link the student to their college for reporting purposes. Is there another more efficient way of doing this? Perhaps by adding a field to user to identify the college? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It depends if you need some

It depends if you need some class features, for example the possibility to have a coach for each class, able to manage the users inside the class, or if you want to restrict visibility of users to see only the ones in a given college, or if you want to have distinct statistics for each class.

If you don't need a coach role, then you can of course add a user profile field for the college. This would be easier to manage (create new users) but you will have to adapt the statistics. 


Solved !

Hi everyone ! Really great job Opigno Team! Take a look to your enabled modules. Then choose either "Opigno Og access control (opigno_og_access)" or "Organic groups access control (og_access)". (Do not forget : Flush cashes / clear log messages + run Cron). ..which one works better ? Moon.