Multiple groups to share the same content

Hello, I would like to know is it possible that Opigno deals easily with the next scenario: Multiple schools (groups) needs to share same projects but the users from these schools (groups) not to have contact between each other; to clarify: only contact to be allowed should be the one between teachers and students of the same school. As an example: the teachers of one school (group) should not be able to see the assessment (test) results of the students from the other schools even if all the schools share the same content (Project). Can the teachers see the progress of their students (ideally it should be displayed as the graphic progress bar)? Thanks

Hi aster,

Hi aster, This is possible using classes and coach. The coach can only manage his students (evaluate answers to the quizzes, see results, interact with them), and courses composing the class can be shared between one or more classes. Moreover, keep in mind that all access rights can be very easily customised with Opigno, thanks to the Drupal right management system. You can even create additional roles. Best regards,

Hi axel,

Hi axel, That's great! thank you so much for your answer. Can you just please answer me about the graphic progress bar?

Hi aster.

Hi aster. Out of the box, Opigno does not provide this.But it is an interesting idea. Where would you want this progress bar to show up ?

Hi wadmiraal,

Hi wadmiraal, The idea is that if the teacher/coach wants to see progress of all of his students he should be able to see list of all of his students and their progress through courses. I'm thinking of this to be integrated as separate link on the left sidebar, something like "Students' Progress" or similar, and when teacher goes there it will show list of all his students each with his progress bar (ideally this list would be sortable or filterable, ie. if teacher wants to see idle students (the ones that have slow progress) he can sort them by this value). I'm not sure should this option be related only to particular course or to all courses globally. In 1st case main sidebar location is probably not the best option, but instead it could be located inside particular course tools/options. And at the end it would be good option if this progress bar can be showed on home page as block (this is only in the case that progress bar works globally for all courses). The only problem that could appear with this is long list of students, so some kind of ajax pagination would be desirable.