Multiple Exams (update)

So i was wondering when i make a new Training I make a Course in this course i make activity course intro duction. then i link multiple modules (2 in this example eventually it will be more) Example: When you open the course the modules are sequential after course introduction . You do not get to select even though the path show both are on the same level. I like it to show the modules available and allow a user to select a exam he wants to do, To provide multiple test exams. Is this as intended ? If not what am i doing wrong If its intended. What would be the best way to group exams ? create a course for every exam and add class en control users from there then add them to a single category ? people need to be able to buy access to the exams. I am unsure if this a fault of me understanding the system or its a limitation. Sorry for my earlier post its was way to unclear.

Id be curious to know about

Id be curious to know about this also.