Multiple choice Answers Point Weights

Hello! :) I am using Opigno to develop an assessment tool. I have used Drupal Quiz Module before for a different assessment tool but wanted to use Opigno to develop a more "sophisticated" tool for my next project. What I need is multiple choice questions that have points ranging from 1 -20 based on the option the user chooses for their answer. IE: 1. What animal is a cat closely related to? a. Lion (Worth 3 points) b. Dog (Worth 0 points) c. Hyena (Worth 1 point) d. Cougars (Worth 2 points) So a, c, and d would be correct but worth different point values. Is there a way of doing this? In Quiz module it used to be in Advance options when creating the MC question. Thank you in advance! :)

I found it. Hehe

I think there is something up with the ajax. Now I am able to scroll down and see where I can enter point values for my MC question. Ugh :) Still a happy ending!