Multi-gap texts for language test

Hi, I never used Opigino so far, but it seems to be a terrific tool. Thanks to team who created and opensourced it! A requirement for a possible project is to have web-based entry test for language schools. One feature could be quite tricky. A text paragraph with some sentences, each sentence with one or two gaps where the candidates can fill in the appropriate word. And one "next" button for the entire paragraph. Technically speaking, we have to submit >1 answer with 1 step in Drupal Quiz. There are also concerns how to create those tests using a graphical interface. Does Opigno have any solution for those multi-gap text paragraphs? Or could it be part of an additional module a developer could create? There will be some budget for this if required. Any comment is warmly welcome:-)
James Aparicio

Hi learntool,

Hi learntool, Tkx you for your interest in Opigno. Currently there is not a fill in the blanks question type. This is something that we could develop for you of course. Best regards

Sounds good

So I will contact you directly, perfect. Maybe there is a proof of concept required in advance.


Just came over this thread about Fill in the blanks question type. Not sure if H5P is supported yet in Opigno, however, H5P comes as a Drupal 6/7 module with a Fill in the blanks question type. More info about the status of Opigno and H5P can be found here.

Hu magnuma,

Hu magnuma,

H5P is still not supported.

But there is a question type "fill in blanks" in Opigno, so it's already possible without H5P.

Best regards