Moxtra Meeting Record

Hi, I have recently installed the Moxtra app for the live meeting and the collaborative work space. I have also paid for the upgrade. However, I am having problems figuring out how to record the meeting then save it. I have started the meeting, hit start record then let it go for a while, then I hit pause record. When I end the meeting, I am not given an option to save the recorded meeting. Can someone give me some guidance on what I need to do to save the meeting? I have checked the for opigno but it does not go into detail about saving a recording. Thanks,



recording of live meetings is available in Moxta but the related interfaces are not implemented in Opigno at the moment.

it  should be available soon

thanks for your patience in the meantime

best regards


thanks for the update!

Do you have any idea when it will be available?

It should be implemented

It should be implemented during the first quarter of 2017

Robert Carr

Did this ever happen?

I am currently developing an Opigno site with Drupal 8. I am not seeing any record options in the UI, or when using the Moxtra dashboard to initiate meetings. Was this function ever implemented in Opigno/Opigno Moxtra?