Most H5P Content does not render

Hi all, I have tried searching for quite some time now on this issue. I was hoping to find an answer without having to burden the Opigno team. Every time I try to add an H5P activity to a module, it never renders. Some do work -- such as Flashcards. Yet, others such as Fill in the Blanks do not render. I have updated all H5P activities, and I have also updated the H5P extension. I am running Opigno 2.8. Is there any more information I need to give out here? This problem has persisted ever since I have started with the earlier versions of Opigno 2.x. My site runs on a Hostgator CENTOS 7.7 kvm [vps] v84.0.7. I´m not sure if this helps. If there is more information I need to put here, I'll post it here. I hope there will be an answer to this problem, as I have many students who are needing the "Fill in the Blanks" activity for practicing the Irregular Verbs in English. Thanks, Timothy

I´ve tried creating a new H5P content type

I´ve created a new H5P content type and still it does not render, even if I upload the H5P file. Still do not know what to do.

Tested on a different Drupal distribution -- and H5P works

Hello, I just tried installing the H5P and the H5P editor modules in a completely different Drupal 8 distribution (Thunder). The H5P activity that I have been trying to install in Opigno (Fill in the Blanks) works fine (I uploaded it just as I tried in my two Opigno installations). So, my take on this is that there must be something in the Opigno installation that is causing the Fill in the Blanks activites to not render. I am baffled. Any help will be great. Thanks, Tim

Check browser console

Hi Timothy, Can you, please, check if there are any logs in the browser console when you render this activity?


Hi. I was able to solve my issues with the h5p rendering. Even though it is something of a "hack" job, it worked, so I will share it here. I first installed a new instance of Opigno under my site folder in a subfolder called test. I also used the tar.gz file rather than the composer installation. After I ran through the whole installation process, I updated all the extensions and modules (except Group and Field Group). Next, I updated all h5p modules. I changed the sites/defaults/files/h5p folder in my original installation to /sites/defaults/files/h5p-backup and then proceeded to copy the h5p folder from the new test site onto the original location (sites/defaults/files). Now all h5p activies are fully functional. I believe I may have messed up the original h5p folders when I changed the default folder location in Configurations > System > h5p. Hope this will be of help to any users out there. Thanks to the Opigno team for such an awesome software. Tim

I am having this same issue

I just installed a fresh copy of opigno via composer. Create 2 activities using h5p, multiple choice and arithmetic, neither rendered. I then tried the fill in the blanks option and the true or false option and that didn't work either. The only option that worked was the long answer. This was very disappointing..