Module review mode settings

I have built a course containing 6 modules and 1 activity per module (All captivate activities). When I take the first module/activity, upon completion the course records the score allowing me to go back to the main menu via a NEXT button. At this point should I decide to review the information in the first module, I go back in and review. The program then will not allow me to continue because it says "You should first get a minimum score of 80 to the step MTS 2.0 - Module 1 before going further. Try again." The program clearly states that I have passed with 100% but will not let me proceed. If I don't "review", the program proceeds correctly from module to module. Is there a particular setting in Captivate that I need to check so that this doesn't occur? In our previous LMS, when you had completed a module, it went into an a specific review mode that would not allow you to retake or change anything. Once you had passed, you could review but not change anything. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Short of rebuilding the course within Opigno, rather at a loss. Thank you.

Any takers?

Still at a loss on how to proceed.