The module opigno_lms does not exist.

Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade Composer.json - "opigno/opigno_lms": "^3.0" Error: The module opigno_lms does not exist. All dependent modules are showing like: opigno_learning_path, opigno_like, and opigno_calander. We are seeing the opigno_lms is showing in docroot/profile/contrib/opigno_lms folder. Question: Could it be that the path in the database, is still pointing to docroot/modules/contrib/ folder. When we remove the module (opigno_lms) from the core.extension, By using the below drush command. Drush will run but also fail as shown below. Terminal Command: drush cdel core.extension module.opigno_lms drush updb -y [error] Update aborted by: opigno_learning_path_update_9005, opigno_calendar_update_9001, opigno_course_update_9001, opigno_messaging_update_9003, opigno_module_update_9001 Note: Uninstall and Re-install is not an option as we have much training on a Production website. Any assistance or guidance will work.