Modifying Certificates

Hello me again! I'm currently editing the certificates using the tcpdf library. I've noticed when they download they have a header and footer automatically dropped in. Does anyone know how to disable this? I've trawled through settings and config files but nothing sticks out that would resolve this. Kind Regards, Sean

Also I've noticed dates

Also I've noticed dates embedded on certificates are broken up with slashes. While this is okay for number it isn't for text dates. Currently they look something like this: 19/Aug/2014 where as it should show at least 19/08/2014 to be acceptable. changing line 199 in opigno_certificate_app.module from d/M/Y to d-M-Y would be acceptable although having spaces would be best. Sean

Hi Sean,

Hi Sean,

Thanks for this feedback.

If you have a dedicated server, could you try installing the wkhtmltopdf, as explained in our documentation:

This is not shipped by default because of licence matters, but we mainly did our testings with this library which is much more powerful and offers better results.

It should probably solve your problems.

If you don't have a dedicated server or cannot install wkhtmltopdf we will find another solution.

Please keep me updated.

Kind regards,



Hi Axel,

Hi Axel, I've flipped back to the original library that comes with Opigno and get it to embed the fonts and images. I'll look into wkhtmltopdf though, thank you! Sean