Menu Items on Frontpage (Drupal Opigno2)

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Hi, A perhaps silly but, quick question relating to the frontpage presented to visitors for logging in. On that standard frontpage, two menu items are shown on the right side of the screen: Home (dashboard) and Catalog. We would like to change the name of home back to dashboard and add some menu items pointing towards a general company homepage items and other areas of the larger site of which the Opigno LMS is but one part. I have read your guide manuals and searched for related community entries. I have also looked in appearance, configuration, structure and content, but can find nothing obvious. Could someone please enlighten us as to - How to do it!? Many thanks, Chris


you have to change the template for the front page, i tried locating it, but im new to Drupal 8, not yet familiar with the twig template. if you use google chrome, right click on the home icon, select inspect, and you can change the title to Dashboard. in order to be permanent, you have to edit the CSS or TWIG file. I do not know which one, but maybe this sets you on the right path. There is a way to find out which file is rendering the output, but I do not know how to do it.

Menu links modification

You can modify some settings of the menu in D8 through the file
Harshil Vasani

Menu modification

you can go to http://localhost/[SITE-NAME]/admin/structure/menu/ Main Navigation option edit to Home, Catalogue, Achievements, Statistics ext you can modify