Long Answer question- auto grading?

I'm setting up a new course, and we need to require students to complete an assessment at the end. Ideally, the assessment would include 2 long answer questions, but we won't be grading those questions - we simply want students' feedback for future improvements to the course. Is there any way in any Opigno settings for me to set it such that the student automatically "passes" the long answer question and they just automatically get the maximum # of points for those two questions? Or at least don't get the "parts of this lesson have not been evaluated yet" message? Thanks!



You can set the lesson as not required for the course validation (so that users can pass the course even if this lesson containing the 2 feedback questions is not graded), or, if these 2 questions are part of a more global lesson, have these 2 questions with a 0 weight.

But users will have the message "parts of this lesson have not been evaluated yet"

To avoid this message you may:

- use the short answer questions (if this can fit your requirements in terms of answer length)

- do a small customization in Opigno to avoid this message

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what is the small customization I would need to do to make this happen?