Logo loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS

Hello, We have Opigno setup on an AWS Linux server behind cloudfront and running https. However I am getting errors of "Mixed Content The page at 'https://[site]' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://[site-path to sites/default/files/logo image]' This content should also be served over HTTPS. The logo image was uploaded through he Platon Theme configuration as normal. Is there a reason why this image would be loaded over http even though all other files and settings are loaded over https?

If we understand correctly,

If we understand correctly, you switched the site from "HTTP" to "HTTPS" protocol.In this case, you should change "Public file base URL". To do that, just go to page "admin/config/media/file-system", and check if "Public file base URL" has "https" prefics instead of "http" If not then set in "settings.php" this parameter: $settings['file_public_base_url'] = 'https://site-name.com/sites/default/files';