List of certificate or course completion indicator?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to show a list of courses that user have completed and award of a course certificate. Can I do this in a view? What filters do I use, I can't seem to find any filters to identify that a course has a certificate rewarded or a completion date of the course. If that is not supported yet, I would like to know, I can probably write some hooks for it but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks in advance
James Aparicio

Hi Saidev,

Hi Saidev,

Out of the box there is no way to manually award a certificates.

The way it works, in the course you assign a list of lessons that need to be finished with success and assign a certificate. You can then edit the settings of the individuall lessons that are defined as required for passing the course and give a specific minimum score for passing the lesson. IE: 50%, 90%. 

If you go to user/%/achievements you have the list of courses that have at least one required lesson. If a certificate is available and the user has passed it, a download certificate button will display.

If you want to add a filter on that specific page, you can look at the opigno quiz app. It implements that page with a drupal table. 

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Thank you James, that make

Thank you James, that make sense.