Link 'My courses' straight to the course lesson

Hi, I'm trying to edit the view (My courses (OG membership)) so that the links on the 'My Courses' page take the user straight into the 'lesson overview page' -effectively skipping past the course welcome page. I can't see any obvious way of making the change, could someone offer any guidance? I've also been trying to change the URL from "node/8/quizzes" to something more friendly, like "course-name/lessons", but stuck there as well unfortunately Many thanks as always,


Figured it out,

Straight forward change in the View settings Re-arrange the NID field so it's above the title. Edit title field:
  • Dont link to content
  • Output as link
  • Override output: node/[nid]/quizzes

  • This setting achieves the desired theme effect I have for the end-user subtheme, for the admin to maintain easy access to the course page though I'll need to make another change


Exact :-)

Exact :-)

That's one of the main assets of Opigno: knowing Drupal it's very easy to customize Opigno.