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Hi, I'm creating my site with new Opigno 1.24. 1) I have created the course. I click on the button "1+3=" and "Add a new lesson" to add a lesson but when I save and submit it seem this lesson is not linked to the course (the course is always without lessons). After submit I must press something else? 2)My lesson is made by a slide with a video inside that teach how to solve a math problem and a question where the student can upload his homework to the teacher. I noticed this two things are divided in two page (you see the slide and press "Next" for the upload) . How to have the two in one page whithout any "Next" button? (on top the slide and under the upload)? Thanks!

Hi myopigno,

Hi myopigno,

When you create the lesson, make sure that the course is selected in the field "Group audience" on the lesson's creation page.

And for your second question, you have to edit some source code to be able to do that. But, as an alternative, you can create an "H5P question" and select "Column" as content type. Then you will be able to superpose multiple question types on the same page. Unfortunately, you can only use H5P question types and they don't have an "Upload a file" question type... But they have a lot of different question type, as a video one, and lots of others. Play a bit around with that.

If you want us to do some specific code, you can ask for a quote using the contact page.

Best regards,