Library of Documents

Most schools have a library. I would like to create a library within Opigno. The library would be a collection of documents (mostly PDFs) where students could browse through and then view or download the PDF. What would be the best way to add a library of documents that could be viewed by all students? I would like this to be accessible from an icon on the left menu bar (beneath “My Courses” or “Training Catalogue”). Another possible option would be that the documents in the library could only by accessed by students that have joined a specific class?


Hello, As an admin you can add a content type for example "PDF's" and define it with a file field. ( Then you can create an overview to list all content items of the type "PDF's" In Drupal terms you create a View of the type page that shows content items in this case of the PDF's type. In the Page Settings of the view you can assign a menu item. If you add the menu item to the Main Menu it will show up in the menu on the left. If you want an icon you should also define the menu attributes. You can have a look at Achievements it has main-navigation-item-my-achievements as attribute. So using CSS you can add a backgroud image to the span In case of achievements it looks like #main-navigation-item-my-achievements a span.image { background-image: url(../img/main-navigation-my-achievements-icon-inactive.png); } Hope this helps. Kind regards, Johnny