Lesson Inside a Course Video

Is it possible to implement a feature when a user finish watching a video a lesson popup.only finishing that lesson he can continue to other videos ?Also list out videos in a sequential order and show as completed if some one already watched that video and leads to the next one automatically ?These features can be implemented within the current system ?Or need to make the customization ?



At the moment there is no integrated feature in Opigno allowing to define a hierarchy between contents inside a course (lessons, videos). This will for sure be available within a future release.

But, there is a way to do what you are expecting, by adding the videos inside slides instead of having them inside the video tool.

You would have one lessons, with slides being videos, theoretical content, quizzes. This way the users would have to browse the slides in the defined order, which would result in the navigation you are looking for.

Would it be a solution for you?

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