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Hello, How many users do your largest sites in your system have? In other words, how many users (students, staff, training audience members, etc.) does your largest site have? We are in the process of discussing to create a university-wide LMS that would have to accommodate over 15k people and want to make sure Opigno can accommodate this. Thanks!

Hi Spennel,

Hi Spennel,

The largest site we know has more than 30k users (mainly students).

We know a lot of Opigno platforms with 10k to 20k users. All of them are running perfectly (of course the server infrastructure has to be tuned accordingly).

Feel free to post on this forum or to contact us in case of any further question or advice you may need.

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Hello Spencel

We are trying to install Opigno on our company server, but after installing we got an error saying "TRYING TO ALLOCATE BYTES MEMORY ERROR", what we need to do about that?