Languages of the admin menu and front page

Hello! I have downloaded the new installation of Opigno and some modules, but I have two problems: 1) I can not promote anything to the frontpage (I have chosen the checkbox during content creation but the front page is still empty) 2)I can not see the translation of the administrative menu (I can only see the English version) (I have added the language and updated the interface translations)
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Hi ksen-pol,

Hi ksen-pol,

The front page in Opigno is a Home box configurable with any blocks you want. If you just click promote content to front page nothing will happen.

Regarding the translations, does your site have the Localization update module enabled and does it have access to  The admin menu has a decent language translation coverage from my experience. Maybe there is a server permission issue to write in the translations folder of the site? You can force it to check at /admin/config/regional/language/update. Ofc if anything is missing you can go to the language translate interface and translate whatever you want.


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Thank you. I will learn more

Thank you. I will learn more about the Home box. As for translations other translations downloaded sucessfully. I have a problem only with the admin menu. May be it is cause of some additional modules I have used. I will try to check it.