Jump menu not working for Lesson type Theory

Hi, guys I just want to report that jump menu for lesson of type theory will not work. Just tryied in the demo 1.20, if i create a lesson of type theory and i put the flag on: Autoriser le saut de questions Permet à l'utilisateur de sauter entre les questions à l'aide d'un menu dans le Lesson The jump menu appear correctly, but if you choose a slide it just send you to the next slide. For example: If i'm on the slide 1 and i choose the slide 5 opigno sends me to the slide 2 and not to the desired slide. With a lesson of type Quiz will work. Greetings Luke

I forgot to ask if someone

I forgot to ask if someone has any suggestion to make it works. It will be nice let user choose the slide who want Thx in advance Luke