Is it possible to open pop-up scorm content?

Hello Everybody, Is it necessary to open scorm content in opigno scorm player. I mean, My scorm package is compatible with scorm 2004 3th version. But It is not published by captivate or other authoring tools. I test my package in scorm cloud. It work fine. Scorm cloud opens my content in a full screen new window as a pop-up. I have a scrollable web pages in SCORM zip( includes animations and interactions, maybe some unity 3d). I added the package in questions section as a scorm package but It shows it in current window which is Opigno LMS player. I want my content to be opened in another full screen windows as a parent window of opigno scorm player window. Is it possible ? I hope I explained my problem well. I want my content to be immersive full screen while track the learning record as scorm or tin can etc. with opigno.