Is it necessary to click on finish to complete the course?

Hi, I created a course which consists of 1 lesson(quiz-or mix), which includes a scorm package consists of 3 slides. I want the lesson to become completed when learner finished all the slides in SCORM package( a sco). I test it in SCORM Cloud and Moodle. It works perferctly fine. But it is not working in opigno? Why ? Regarding this topic, I have some questions too. 1) if learner clicks on finish button even though the scorm content ( a sco) does not finished in its own internal navigation, Can the lesson become completed? ( which is I think a bug) ? 2) Can I hide opigno scorm player bar( finish and leave blank and finish) to only show my scorm packages' internal navigation? I think It can confuse the learners' mind? 3) Thirdly, If a scorm packages opens in a new window? Does the connection lost with LMS ? I mean, I have a scorm package whose launch page is a blank page which opens a new window to show the course content, and I want to track it in a new window? Is it possible? Or Should It be inside of Opigno SCORM player? Thank you