Issues with Field Group and Views on Aristotle theme

When using the default Aristotle theme as an Administration theme on 3.0-0-beta2 version we are unable to use Field Group to organise the fields. Also Views do not display correctly and when we open a select this remains open overlapping other selects. If we switch theme to Seven it works as expected. But then Learning paths don't work.

Hi paulsally,   We have…

Hi paulsally,


We have greatly improved views and other contrib modules for the Aristoteles theme in the latest betas and rc versions.

Are you still seeing any of these issues on rc1?


Best regards


Improved Views but Field Group still not saving Tabs

Hi Admin, Thanks a lot for your reply! I've just done an update using composer and our installation is now using Aristotle 3.0. We had previously switched to Seven as administrative theme in order to manage Views and use Field Group on Content Types fields. After the update to 3.0.0 I tried to set back Aristotle as administrative theme. Views seem now to have been fixed: selects don't overlap one another and it's now possible to close them as expected to access underlining fields. Field Group, instead, is still not saving the arrangement of Tabs inside a container Tab. Had this been already reported? Do you think it will be solved? Thanks! Best regards, .S.