Installing Apps Via SFTP?

Hi, I am trying to install the Video App and the External Video App and they both (probably all apps) require FTP credentials. My server requires an SFTP connection. Do you have any suggestion as to a workaround or enabling SFTP support for installation of the apps? Thanks so much, Alan



You get this message because of an incorrect file permission issue

You should give write access to the webserver for /sites/default/files folder and it should fix your problem

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Still getting FTP settings request

Hi, trying to install 'Class' application on ubuntu server. Done chmod 777 -R sites/default/files Still asking me for FTP credentials. I don't want to install FTP for my localhost. Is it not supposed to just download files into local website root? Thank you

Check also that your web user

Check also that your web user (www-data) has write access on /sites/all/modules

This should fix your problem

Did the trick

That did the trick. Thank you. However it installs old version, release candidate. I ended up downloading new version manually.