Installation errors and now H5P error after installation

I had issues after installing where I'd get a timeout error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in web/modules/contrib/h5p/vendor/h5p/h5p-core/h5p.classes.php on line 909 I upped the max_time variable in my php.ini to 300, then higher, but still had the error, so I had to changed line 909 of to this: $fileStream = ''; //$zip->getStream($fileName); That let the site load, but now every page displays the error following message: Unable to read file from the package: H5PEditor.RangeList-1.0/library.json Clearly, disabling that setting was not the best solution. Can someone please tell me what is? This is for a government site and they will need this to work. Thank you.

Also getting this error.

Did you find a solution for this?