Implementing Opigno into Existing Drupal Site

I have seen a few posts where people have tried to install the Opigno module into an existing Drupal site and they always seem to have issues and the typical response is to use the Opigno Profile installation. While I agree that using the distribution is much easier and the SaaS version even easier, it would be nice if it could be done with minimal headaches. Have the developers given much thought in developing a guide for those that want to integrate Opigno into an existing Drupal site?

Hi jlrobinson,

Hi jlrobinson,

You're right, it would be nice to prepare a small tutorial. We will think about it.

I will definitely be more complex than just an installation of the distribution (which requires only some clicks), but we can try to give some explanations.

We got feedbacks from people sucessfully adding Opigno to an existing Drupal website, so it's absolutely possible :-)

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How to install the opigno into Drupal Hosting

i installed the drupal into my hosting after that i need to install the opigno,, how to do it?


Is there a Tutorial out there, which helps to install Opigno into an existing drupal site? I cant find one.