Https Support and Opigno Forum search button

Hello, I want to make my opigno instance secure and I created a self-signed certificate. When I tried to connect my site using https, the main page shows up as usual, but I cannot login. I set the "My Courses" as the homepage. It says "my-courses could't be found on this server". When I disable the 'redirect "/" ""' in 000-default.conf, it has no problem. I think clean Urls aren't working when redirect is enabled. I have installed and enabled mod_rewrite and mod_headers and configured sites/default/settings.php as follows: $base_url = ''; // NO trailing slash! //printf( "SERVER[REQUEST_SCHEME]=%s\n", $_SERVER['REQUEST_SCHEME'] ); if( $_SERVER['REQUEST_SCHEME'] == "https" ) $base_url = str_replace( "http://", "https://", $base_url ); As you can see I tried everything I can find about drupal. But none of them works. What should I do? And as a request, it would be good to have a search box in Opigno forum. I checked the first 5 pages to find a previous topic about my problem. Nothing shows up and I gave up. If there is a search box, we can look up the previous topics about the problems we have. Thanks in advance.