HP5 Not working, HTML not formatting & weird behaviour

Hi, Just wanted to say I'm loving the software & It will be a real time saver! Having said that, Im having some issues with some weird behaviour with Opigno 2.2. If anyone has any ideas it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) -HP5 questions don't save when in the activity creation screen. I click 'Next' after creating an activity and it says 'please wait' then does nothing so I'm unable to save HP5 activities to my modules. Tested in Chrome, Safari & cleared cache. This is in the training creation screen only & HP5 still works if adding the activity direct into the activity bank. -On a trainings page under "training content" html doesn't get formatted for the trainings description. For example: < p >< strong >Training description< /strong >< /p > appears on the front end for people to see. As far as I can see this is the only page that does this. Other issues: -Editing available/mandatory modules for the dashboard is a little buggy. Finally got this in the layout I needed but I had to create a new account for each change to be able to view them, and sometimes the dashboard wouldn't load at all. -In the catalogue page, training title & description doesn't wrap inside its container and continues off the page. I've fixed this with some CSS. The two last issues I've fixed and aren't a problem anymore, I'm just mentioning incase it gives insight into the overall issues I'm having. Error log as follows; Error (File system): Could not delete temporary file "temporary:/xxxxxx" during garbage collection Warning (Page not found): /ajax/achievements/1?_wrapper_format=drupal_ajax Running PHP v7.1.27 on Ubuntu. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I'm a little stuck! Thank you! :)