How to stop storing score for anonymous user to the database

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Hi... Greetings. I'm new to opigno and trying to develop a site using opigno lms. I created a course and added a lesson to it and then added a slide and a matching question into it. I want this course to be available to everybody including anonymous users. I've selected Public group visibility for the course in its settings. Problem is that when I take this course as anonymous user then the score is saved for the anonymous user. On taking same course from different computer with different IP the score is carried over and Total time keeps on adding to the previous time taken. What I want is that the anonymous user should be able to see its own score and time only for the session. The score and time should get reset to zero after the session close. Even if there are more than 1 anonymous users taking the course at same time then they should see their own score and time and not those of other users. I think I'm clear on that. My question is how to achieve this?