How should I get uploaded video files to play or is it my development environment?

On two occasions that I tried using the Video activity, embedded videos from YouTube played during taking the training while uploaded video files did not play. I am testing with XAMPP on my laptop and I do not remember setting a private files folder, not sure if this could be the cause, I have not yet uploaded the instance to test on live server. Thank you.

embedded video

when you embed the video, you put the link, there is no file upload, therefore you do not need a private folder on your server. what error are you getting? make sure when creating the activity that you place the link where it says "External Video"...

I do not have problems with external videos

I do not have problems with external videos, they work. The problem is if I use the video file upload widget to pick a video file from my computer, that one does not play. Embedded videos play, uploaded videos don't play.