How to reuse audio files ?

Hello, I installed the Audio App and it works fine. However, I would like to reuse some audio files in different questions. For the moment, I have to download each time the same file. So, in site/default/files directory, I see several times the same audio file. Is it possible to reuse the files, with the audio app ? Thank you, Arnaud
James Aparicio

Hi Arnaud,

Hi Arnaud,

The Opigno audio app, creates a new audio content type, a new course tool, as well as a new audio file field.

Using the content type, only 1 node per file is necessary. 

If you are using the file field, that you can add to other content types, like the slide, then in this case you will have to add the file for each of its usage.

What you can do is to add an audio node and then create a field that is an entity reference to the audio node. Then you can alter the content type template that is using the entity reference to render the audio field of the referenced audio node.


Best regards