How to questions? Clarifications for Opigno 2 on Drupal 8

Hello, I have just finished reading your user guide for Opigno 2 on Drupal 8 and now have some questions outstanding. Could you help clarify those for me please? 1. Opigno Class vs. Programmes vs. Learning Path? Terminology problems! Does class = class as in a group on one coordinated time schedule? Previously Class = programme. Does the programme 'class' even exist anymore or has it somehow been usurped by the Learning Paths? So how do we create a programme in Opigno2 ? I want to create a matrix/lattice structure of courses. The functional line courses and programmes justa-fixed with cross-modular courses and inter-disciplinary study programmes that re-use or link in to the existing courses, modules and lessons (activities). Is this something to use the Book module for or is it merely a case of creating a course and somehow labelling it accordingly, perhaps with some topographical course and programme map to help students understand and navigate the structure? 3. How to add existing activities to a new course or module? Sorry, but I often found your English language phrasing rather confusing and was left wondering which course to edit in order to find the activities I want to reuse. I.e. the source or the target course? In Opigno 1.x for Drupal 7 you had special roles for forum moderators/administrators. What about moderators in Opigno 2 !? Do I have to manually create new role with own view and comment permissions? 5. PHP Settings sufficiency. E.g. does it need need http ? I can't find Curl anywhere in the available settings for PHP7.2 and have already put in a help request to the hosting support. Sorry, can't see how to attach the screenprint. 6. Private course setting – does this equate to a virtual private course. E.g. suitable for a confidential customised course for a business client? If so, then I presume I don't need any special VPN contrib-modules etc. 7. How to add Opigno extension modules when there is no APPS menu item? Is it all simply added via EXTENTION in Manage/Extend (modules) now? 8. What to do/options recommended if not able or willing to pay subscriptions for Moxtra Live Meetings and Collaborative Spaces? Although important, they are expensive, especially for a one-man start-up. This leaves a huge gap in the LMS distribution. 9. I need to include not only Collaborative Spaces, but also a Business Information/Database Services area for business clients and a general homepage to provide an introduction to the oraganisation, its services/benefits/learning philosophy etc. In Drupal 7 I could find neither basic (static) nor article (dynamic) pages that are default within a normal druapl distribution download. In Opigno 2 I have seen the basic page, but what about the article page? It is most definitely needed as the base for creating extra content by both teachers and tudent users for a variety of purposes. I.e. public articles, student pages, user group documents, business reports and publications. Where did it go? Where can I find it or, a compatible/suitable alternative? More questions as and when they arise ;-) Kr, Chris