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Hello everyone, i am currently taking a look at Drupal and Opigno specifically, to determine wether it is a suitable LMS Platform for my university or not. One important question is if there is a way to import content from our current LMS. There would be glossaries, wikis, quizzes, forums and courses to be imported. So far i am a little underwhelmed with the options Opigno provides for importing stuff. I am just getting started though and maybe i am overlooking something obvious here. I would really appreciate suggestions on the matter.
James Aparicio

Hi cborn2s,

Hi cborn2s,

This proccess as you might understand, greatly depends on your current platform, as well as exactly what will be imported and to what will it be mapped to inside the new platform. This is something that has to be looked at content type by content type.

There are some importing modules for stuff like users, but importing the full lms content, for sure it will require using the migrate module api. This api allows an easy importation to drupal but requires the understanding of the data structure of the old platform.

We have experience with this api, as we have done complete migrations, even for stores like PrestaShop -> Drupal commerce.

Feel free to contact us regarding a detailed study for your particular case.


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Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply. What you described is exactly what i was afraid of. I guess I was hoping for some kind of "out of the box" solution. I have already experimented with the user import module using CSV files, but the options are fairly rudimentary and in the end i had to access the database directly for it to work. The Migrate module is already on my list of modules to take a look at. Guess i have to dig deeper into the old LMS than i initially anticipated. Taking an individual look at every content type will be time consuming. But the fact that you have already imported complete installations with this API sounds promising.

API Help

I wonder if the migrate solution you described is something Opigno users have to come through to accomplish? OR, do you have an api we can explore to find important function calls? I ask because I have tried in vain to find an Opigno api online and I'm trying to find a function which will allow me to programmatically associate a question with a quiz/lesson. If I could find such a function, I could then write my migrate code to make use of said function. My problem is I haven't any clue what functions do what in Opigno - as I said, no api to refer to. So, is this by design - is it a mandatory go through strategy or am I missing something?

Great news!

It is so good but I can not open the link, I have Er 404. Are there any other ways to download it? Will you post it on