how to: link course image to content

You can link the image of the courses to the content inside the catalogue view configuration > under Fields - just click the first "Content:Image" and select "Link image to" > "content". /admin/structure/views/view/opigno_course_catalgue/edit /admin/structure/views/view/my_trainings/edit I found this to be a better UX to make navigation easier in case a user doesn't click the hyperlink title. FYI - the "view" hyperlink that opens the course summary can be misleading to some user to think they can click it to view the course. For now, I renamed it to "view course summary" using the string overrides module but consider hiding it all together. Well Ideally we would want it to open at :hover but haven't figured this one out yet using css, anybody that want's to try and help us much appreciated!