How to enable lesson 2 if lesson 1 is passed?

Hello everybody, I create a couse have 10 lessons. 1. I want to disable lessons 2 to 10. If student passed lesson 1 the lesson 2 auto enable. If student passed lesson 2 the lesson 3 auto enable. 2. I want to make one test at the beginning of each lesson. If the student pass the test, they can continue to study. if the student does not pass, they must relearn previous lesson. 3. I want student learning only one lesson on one day. Example: Today is 18/1/2016, the user learn lesson 1 and passed. He/She can't learn lesson 2. He/She can learn it on tomorow 19/1/2016 How to do it? Please help me, Thank you so much, Bien Hoang,