How do I start Opigno LMS 3.0.0 Alpha with Lando?

I am new to both Lando, Drupal and Opigno LMS. I want to start a local Opigno LMS 3.0.0 Alpha development project using Lando. I have found a video on how to start a plain Drupal 9 development project using Lando: I have found another one on how to start a specific Drupal distribution (Drupal Commerce) project using Lando: But I haven't found one for Opigno LMS. I don't care how buggy Opigno LMS 3.0.0 Alpha is. What I want in April and May is use my free time on the week-ends to learn Lando, Drupal and Opigno LMS. Once Opigno LMS 3.0.0 Beta is released, I will restart the project from scratch.