How do I assign certificate to a course?

Dear Team, Need your help in finding out the way to assign / grant certificate to user who completes a course. I am able to do so at the learning path level but I want the certificate to be generated after a user completes a course. I am using latest opigno on Drupal 8.9.x

My thinking on this.

Off the box opigno is configured to give Certs on learning path completion. To a learning path you can add your course in whatever format be it Course >> Module >> Activities or Module >> Activities. My take if you are in a position to rearrange your intended course and package it as a learning path and assign it a cert it would work. But you can try modify the Course group type ( Groups >> Groups Type >> Course ) then manage fields and there add existing field ( Entity Reference: Field certificate ) and do your modifications from there. Once this is activated it will be active and will need to be filled everytime a content manager adds a course. So pick an approach to this.