how to create a teacher review page?

Hey all, I'm new to drupal and opigno in general. I'm trying to build a page of teacher reviews, where students can see their bios, pics, and student reviews. Is there already a function pre made or how do I make one? Thank you!


Hi Thanks for your interest in Opigno. What you are looking for can be done in many ways with Drupal. The choice of the best solution will depend on the access rights you will want to use for this feature (who can edit the teacher profile pages? , can all students see all teacher pages? , and add comments to all of them? ) The possible solutions are: 1. Use a custom content type, editable only by admin and teachers (but not students) on which you allow comments 2. Use Drupal profile: you will have to reconfigure it so that all users can see all profiles. But I'm not sure students will be able to add comments on them (it will at least require a modification to do that). A small custom module would allow to manage different visibility rules that Drupal default ones, and to manage comments So, in a nutshell: the first solution is very easy to implement, but will maybe not perfectly fit your expectations (depending the access rights you are looking for). The second one requires some coding but would anyway perfectly fit your needs. I remain at your disposal for any question. Best regards,

Thank you for the reply. I

Thank you for the reply. I will try to play around with it.


So I have found a very elegant solution and want to share here for posterity: Use the fivestar module, you can quickly get a review page going.