How can I prevent videos from being downloaded (right-click saved)?

How can I disabel the "Save video as..." from the right click menu to prevent students from downloading videos? I know users will always find a way to download the videos if I disable that feature, but I want at least to make it harder to students to download my videos. I'd also like to know if there's a way to not to show the button to download PDF's and to copy and paste the information I provide in my Opigno site. This is because I want to protect my content so students can only use it when they log in



As you mention it's never possible to completely prevent users from downloading contents. Maybe the safest way for videos would be to use a third party video streaming service (for example JWPlayer that integrates well with Opigno). That would make possible to have private video collections, that would be in streaming (impossible to download in a simple way).

Regarding PDF you can adapt some CSS rules to hide the link to download. But keep in mind that when you display the PDF the player user (for example Adobe Reader) will have a download button.

For copy / paste you can add a javascript to disable ctrl-c, but if the users inspect the page (for example with firebug) then they could copy it anyway.

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Video Hosts is something to go for!

You can do that by hoting your videos over JW player. But old versions are vulnerable to [download jw player videos]( "download JW Player videos")

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