how to add other content types as lesson elements

Hello, I succesfully installed h5p in a opigno instance and I would like to add h5p dynamic content as "slides" in the lesson (quiz) content type. I'm not interested now in integrating the point part, I just need h5p content as a replacement for the very ugly (and not resposible) default slide creation in the WYSIWYG editor. I can't find where it is configured which content types can be added as quiz slides.. is it configurable somewhere ? Can be extended with a hook in a custom module ? Is it hard-coded in some opigno module ? I noticed for example that in the slide's field view it compares a "Add directly" Fieldset for adding a question directly into lessons, but I don't know how to add it to my custom h5p content type.. Thank you..
Antonello Lobianco

not so simple..

Unfortunatly the questions are not simply related content types, but are sub modules of quiz, implementing its interface... I guess implementing a hp5 content type as a quiz "question" would require writing a pretty complex wrapper or even having to modify the h5p module itself..

Hi Antonello,

Hi Antonello,

You're perfectly right, this implies writing a sub-module of quiz. You already have some examples we did for other question types.

This is not extremely complicated, but requires some care in order to avoid breaking the quiz module.

I don't think the h5p module should be modified.

If you are motivated to create this quiz and agree to share it with the Opigno community, we can provide you with some free support to answer your questions and help you solve the problems you may have.

This is also among the new features we would like to implement. The problem is that we have more ideas than time to develop everything, so that we have to define priorities, and cannot guarantee that it will be develop in a near future. If this is not urgent for you it will be for sure added one day in Opigno.

In case of urgent need for you and if you don't want to develop it yourself, we can also propose it to you as a custom development.

Best regards,